2019 gmc sierra 1500 Reviews & Price

2019 gmc sierra

Next-gen truck with innovative features and a new diesel power plant

General Motors launched the GMC Sierra for the first time in 1998, and completed it with Denali’s exclusive equipment level a few years later. Now, the last model year 2019 is bringing a generational change, debuting at a live event in Detroit and broadcast on the Internet. Preview on the Denali and SLT equipment levels, the latest Sierra gets a variety of new and attractive features and technologies, including an improved half-ton utility with a tailgate and a carbon fiber bed, plus a New style to help stands out a bit more from its mechanically identical cousin, the Chevrolet Silverado.

2019 GMC Sierra Exterior

2019 gmc sierra 1500 Reviews

• It looks bigger, bolder

• New grid design

• C-shaped headlights get LED for DRL

• Optional 22-inch wheels

• MultiPro Tailgate offers new functionality

• Carbon fiber bed adds hardness, reduces weight

• 63 cubic feet of space for short box

• Larger exterior dimensions

As you can expect from any generational change, the model year 2019 for GMC Sierra brings with it a major aesthetic update. The new exterior design includes a series of changes that make the truck look bigger and bolder than before, especially on the front, where we find a new chrome grille that is larger than the outgoing model, with a large polished frame and Several vertical levels for reflective inserts. The hood is also taller, with a rounded top that receives some fibrous muscle lines leading to the windshield. Below, on the front panel, there is a new design for the headlight housings, which maintain the traditional C-shape of previous models, but now they are taller and use square projectors. There is also a new design for the taillights. Adding an additional premium touch are the LED lighting elements, which were added to the daytime running lights, taillights and fog lights as well.

At the corners, buyers will have the opportunity to equip optional 22-inch wheels. These large, load-bearing rollers use an aluminum construction and feature an Ultra Bright finish on Denali models, plus a darker finish with chrome accents on SLT models. The finishing touches include a large Denali badge added to the tailgate, now using bolder block typography.

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2019 gmc sierra 1500 Reviews

It’s almost as if another tailgate had been added to the original tailgate, more or less like the start of a tailgate, if you like. GMC calls it MultiPro, and frames it as “the most innovative pickup tailgate in history.” The automaker also says that the MultiPro suffered “more testing and validation than any tailgate in GM’s history.”

Why do I work so hard for a tailgate? Well, users can configure it in six different positions, offering loads of unique features as a result, such as second-level loading, new load-stop solutions and a permanent workstation, not to mention providing easier access to things in the bed with a step-up entrance and exit.

The MultiPro tailgate has a weight capacity of 375 pounds and uses two buttons for the operation and release of the internal tailgate, in addition to a manual attachment point to make it easier to walk up and down. The tailgate MultiPro is equipped as standard in the finishing levels of SLT and Denali.

The next step in the list of new practical features is a carbon fiber bed (note, this is a real coal bed, not just a bed covering). Called CarbonPro, GMC boasts that the composite case offers the best dent, scratch and corrosion resistance in its class, calling it “the most durable pillbox in the segment.” The CarbonPro replaces the standard steel internal panels with the popular lightweight material, reducing around 62 pounds in the process. The CarbonPro will be offered later in the model year.

Dubbed the CarbonPro, GMC boasts that the composite case offers the best dent, scratch and corrosion resistance in its class.

Dubbed the CarbonPro, GMC boasts that the composite case offers the best dent, scratch and corrosion resistance in its class.

“In 116 years manufacturing GMC trucks, our carbon fiber case, the first in the industry, is the most durable and durable pill box we’ve ever made,” says Global GMC vice president Duncan Aldred.

In addition, it is said that the 2019 GMC Sierra offers the best cargo volume of its kind, with more than 63 cubic feet in the short-box model. In addition, there are now more moorings available, as well as a 110-volt power outlet. If you give up carbon bits, you will get a traditional bed made of high strength steel and roll formed, now with 50 percent additional strength this time.

Finally, the new generation GMC Sierra has a greater dimension, measuring with a higher height and a longer wheelbase. It even has larger tires than the outgoing model.

2019 GMC Sierra Interior

2019 gmc sierra 1500 Reviews

• The best space for head and legs in your class in front
•The materials include leather, open pore wood moldings and aluminum with dark finish
•Multi-color display screen
•Mirror of the rear camera
•Complete set of security technology
•Denali gets an 8.0-inch screen with navigation

As we immerse ourselves in the improvements found within the 2019 GMC Sierra cabin, let’s start at the top and move down. With this in mind, we will kick off with the top level of Denali finish, followed by the next level of SLT finish.

In fact, if you are looking for an exclusive treatment in a truck package, the Denali is the right one. In addition to offering the best head and leg room in its class, the Denali also gets many premium materials, such as leather upholstery for the seats, open pore wood trim in the center tunnel and dark aluminum in the center console. Leather uses a large pebble bead and contrast stitching, which means it will look and feel fantastic.

New for 2019, the crew cabin Sierra offers additional space for 3-inch legs. The outside seats also fold and have discrete storage compartments that can hold important items, such as laptops or tablets, and this time there is also a higher seating position.

In a first segment, Sierra 2019 receives a multi-color display screen, which can be customized to display the data you choose. The screen is measured at 3.0 inches high and 7.0 inches wide. The Sierra 2019 also offers a rear camera mirror, the first in the segment, which projects a power supply to the camera mounted on the tail in the rear view mirror of the cabin. The camera mirror helps drivers see around obstructions, such as tall passengers sitting back or large loads on the bed, using a high-resolution camera that can be manipulated with the desired tilt and zoom function. Buyers can also get a regular reflective mirror if desired.

The technological features include a set of available security measures, such as a Lateral Blind Zone Alert, Pedestrian Detection and Automatic Low Speed ​​Forward Braking.

Other technological features include a set of available security measures, such as a Lateral Blind Zone Alert, Pedestrian Detection and Automatic Low Speed ​​Forward Braking. There is a smartphone-style mosaic application operation for the infotainment system, which is based on the GMC IntelliLink platform. The Denali models come with a standard 8.0-inch infotainment screen with navigation. There is also an enhanced voice recognition and an immersive vision vision function available with a bird perspective, which is ideal for when you have a trailer and need to maneuver to get in and out of difficult places.

2019 GMC Sierra Drivetrain

2019 gmc sierra 1500 Reviews

• 6.2-Liter and 5.3-Liter V-8’S Updated
• New 3.0-Liter Inline Six-Cylinder Diesel
• More Efficient This Time Around
• 10-Speed ​​Automatic Transmission is available

New to the 2019 model year, GMC Sierra is in line with its expanded powertrain product range. In addition to the 6.2-liter and 5.3-liter V-8s updates, there is also a new inline six-inline inline 3.0-liter turbodiesel option.

Let’s start with the ‘eights, which come with the latest start / stop technology to help save a few dollars on the pump, as well as Dynamic Fuel Management which will disable up to seven cylinders as it goes up the mpg even further.

The exact power level for the engine has not been revealed, but we estimate a modest improvement on the current 5.3 liter horsepower of 355 horsepower and the current 420 cc 6.2 liter power.

Now to the six-cylinder diesel, which comes from the Duramax GMC ranks, which also includes powerplants found in Sierra HD and Canyon.

As for the choice of transmission, 10-speed automatic gearbox is offered on 6.2-liter and 3.0-liter diesel engines. 5.3 liters are expected to get the same eight-speed automatic speed with the outgoing model.

2019 GMC Sierra Chassis And Its Functions

2019 gmc sierra 1500 Reviews

• Standard ProGrade Trailer System at Higher Trim
• Full Suite Of Trailering Technology
• Adaptive Ride Control is available
• Extra Aluminum Cuts 360 Pounds

While the luxurious grille and the latest technology are all good and good, at the end of the day, GMC Sierra is still a hard worker. To that end, the 2019 model comes with the new ProGrade Trailer System as standard Denali and SLT trim levels. The system includes the Trailering App, which offers helpful things like pre-departure checklists, maintenance reminders, light trailer tests, trailer motor diagnostics, and tire pressure trailers and temperature monitors. Some of these features can also be owned in the MyGMC app, which offers iOS and Android support.

The rest of the trailering technology suite includes features like Hitch Guidance, Hitch View, and Auto Electric Park Brake. Further electronic help can be done with the side-side camera available and a high-definition camera mounted in the trailer, and there is also Theft Detection Trailer, which will send text if your trailer is released without your permission.

Denali can also be equipped with Adaptive Ride Control, which uses various sensors to monitor parameters such as road conditions and chassis responses, and can be used to adjust damping settings in just two milliseconds.

2019 GMC Sierra is also lighter this time, with aluminum used for doors, hoods and tailgate. All told, the new Sierra is 360 pounds lighter than the model out.

2019 GMC Sierra prices

Sales for GMC Sierra 2019 begin this fall. The exact price details are expected to be launched closer to the date of sale. As a reference, the current SLT trim rate starts at $ 47,000, while the Denali trim rate starts at $ 55,000.

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