2019 Ford Focus ST Release Date Reviews

2019 Ford Focus spied

Ford is working on a redesign for the Focus and a prototype has just been seen. This prototype for the new compact body style train that is not possible offered in the United States.

What American buyers like, Europeans do not, and vice versa. Had Focus not existed, the stated rule would be as pure as it could be. For some reason, Ford hatches and small sedans are under the skin of people wherever they are. Recent annual sales figures are almost identical on both continents, unfortunately anomalous or weird. No problem. The important thing is that the new 2019 Ford Focus  is coming towards us.

2019 Ford Focus ST Release Date Reviews

2019 Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus Design

Based on these spy shots, we have to get closer to the unveiling of the 2019 Ford Focus. The prototype you see above is wearing minimal camouflage, and not even a simple black-and-white type. The flashy and colorful wrap that splits a few lines, but leaves little to the imagination.

Anyway, because of the lack of cover, we really see the look of the new hatchback body. Compared to the current Focus, the body is much cleaner with few folds and surfaces. There are some more prominent curves that highlight and accentuate wheel arches, making it look more athletic. They are curves that do not look totally out of place in Mazda3. The grids differ significantly, and are clearly drawn with the same pen with the new Fiesta, with the widest part at the top compared to the bottom. There is also an interesting amount of unadorned surface between the lattice and triangular fog lights.

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Seen from the future styling of spy styling is more an evolution than a radical change. A certain level of proven things. The headlights look a little thicker; round and less up to the windshield; leaving us with a higher and more impressive hood sensation. The grille is scheduled in both directions along with the intake below. On the other hand, the C pillar gets bigger due to the sudden curvature of the window lines.

It can be a bait, just like the fake rear lights on a hatchback test mule and actually the entire backside is covered in an extra cladding. The prototype sedan reveals a little more about its tail, including a slim lamp that bends down at the outer end. Finally, the slope of the sedan roof gets an additional dose of aggression, improving its overall size.

From the modifications seen on the previous test mule, we know the redesigned Focus will be somewhat more and more extensive than the present age. This will lead to more space for passengers and cargo.

2019 Ford Focus ST Release Date Reviews

2019 Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus Interior

The interior is destined to reshape seriously, because the whole deal looks really new. Vertical ventilation is much larger, horizontal, grouped, and positioned in the middle of the dash, while the infotainment screen is now above it. The center and bottom console are not combined anymore, and the orientation of driver oriented setup is also abandoned. Everything looks very much like what we see with the latest Fiesta, debuting in Europe, but up to the United States,

2019 Ford Focus ST Release Date Reviews

2019 Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus Engine

It is not clear what Ford plans for powertrains although it is almost certain all units will be turbocharged. Performance fans can expect a new version of ST Wagon and ST Diesel Wagon. The first will share the engine with the Focus ST leading to the U.S., most likely inline A1-2.0 turbocharged.

Ford currently offers a naturally aspirated L4 2.0-liter with 160-hp and 1.0 liter turbocharged inhalation fuel, with one less cylinder; deliver 123 hp, paired with manual or 6 speed automatic. There is a gap between 160 hp and 252 hp offered ST model; although we are not sure whether Ford plans to cover it up with a new generation.

At this time the basic version of Honda, VW and Mazda offer 10-25 hp more, along with a feistier-looking style 0-60 times. This can be overcome by the magic of turbocharging, but it remains to be seen whether the “blue oval” intends to avoid shooting in the future with the present. The ST and RS models will surely follow in the years to come after the regular models, and their mobile push is certainly unquestionable.

2019 Ford Focus ST Release Date Reviews

2019 Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus Release Date and Price

Although Ford has not given a exact date when it will fully reveal the new Focus, we may not have to wait long. As we mentioned, the fact that this car only has a wrap and even has hashtag shows Ford is already ready to show his car. L.A. car show will be coming soon, so probably will not be there. In contrast, the Detroit show in January is a more probable bet.

Ford initially planned to build the 2019 Ford Focus in Mexico, moving the deal from the United States, but after the anger aroused, the intention was canceled. Even better, ironically, it will now come from China, and no public wrath will reverse it. Why? Because the strategy only saves a billion dollars for Michigan headquarters. However, do not expect you to benefit from it, as we estimate the current starting price of around $ 17,000 to survive on debut next year.

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