2019 Ford Focus Release Date

2019 Ford Focus Release Date

The new Focus succeeded where the last model fizzled

Ford Focus finally entered its fourth generation, and brought many changes in terms of design, comfort, and economy. It comes complete with a highly revamped interior and lots of new technology; not to mention a new range of more powerful and more efficient engines. As usual, the new Focus will call Europe (and China) home first, before coming to the United States for the 2019 model year.

2019 Ford Focus Exterior

2019 Ford Focus Release Date

2019 Ford Focus Release Date

• New C2 Architecture
• Longer Wheelbase
• Shorter overhangs
• Revised roof
• Rear Edge of Interest
• Grille Is The Upside-Down Version of the Old Grille
• Beltline Not Much Changed

Do not be fooled. The new Focus may look longer, but in reality, no – it’s just a trick belonging to a longer wheelbase. Built on the C2 platform, Ford is able to extend the wheelbase of 2.08 inches (53 mm) – something that also causes a much shorter overhang in front and rear. That way, a lot has changed outside. In front, for example, the grille takes on a new look. Of course, it looks like taking a grid from the last generation, turning it upside down, then sticking it to a new model. The hood gets a new body line but is mostly the same if not. The corner intake is now higher and shows only a few DNA RS’s. The headlights are also new, and feature a rather sporty strip of LED that resembles something you find in Audi or Mercedes.

Side profiles have evolved slightly as well. Beltline is now a little dips on pillar B and only slightly on the back. The rear stationary glass is about the same, but may be slightly higher thanks to the new roofline. The roof line, by the way, makes the Focus look like a more precise hatchback than a vehicle converted into a hold of a sedan design. Fall below the aggressive lower line of the lower body like a sore thumb. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s clearly visible.

The rear glass is not as bulby as before and feels a bit wider, just like C-Pillars. Since the stationary glass on the side is just a little different, the C-Pillar is now a bit wider, a display assisted by a new taillight that is now taking up more real estate in the back quarter. Inverted lights are also split between the rear quarter and the hatch – a rather modern style. The rear fascia is quite aggressive featuring small concave parts that mimic vertical ventilation and rear reflector houses. An underplate wraps the fascia in the middle to create a diffuser-ish display.

All told, this is a rather interesting design. It has a sporty style, an aggressive cue where it is necessary, and it is traded off behind the rear and annoying annoying annoying annoying lights. The roof line is also slightly flatter and looks longer, giving the car more view hatchback. Now we just need to see what kind of ST and Focus RS is more aggressive – it will be one of the hatchbacks that look nasty.

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2018 Ford Focus Release Date Redesign

2019 Ford Focus Interior

2019 Ford Focus Release Date

2019 Ford Focus Release Date

• All New Interior Designs
• Dash Flat
• Floating Infotainment
• Rotary Shifter
• Redesigned seats
• Tons of Extra Space Behind
• Center Stack Looks Stupid

The interior of the 2019 Focus is all-new, with a more modern design, new dashboard layout, sporty trim panel, and more comfortable seats. The most important part of the new gene model is the increased space for rear passengers. You can thank the C2 platform for that, but the rear legroom has improved with a whopping 2.8 inches while the shoulder chamber has risen almost 2.5 inches. The knee room has risen two inches. This is very large for rear passengers because the old model is quite narrow in the back.

Moving on to design and technology, the dashboard now takes on a more flat design and the HVAC corner vents are now much smaller and less prominent to the overall design. The huge central pile is now a thing of the past, now replaced by a floating infotainment system. The HVAC ventilation center now sits low on the dash while a sleek control system for infotainment sits just above. Curiously, Ford thinks it would be a good idea to form ventilation and controllers like the front radiator grille, then line them with chrome strips. This is not the best look – in fact, it makes me feel like something with small eyes and big mouth smiling at me.

Moving, the traditional gear lever has been replaced by the turntable while the cupholder sits next to it in an elongated alignment. There’s a new wireless charging pad in front and a wider armrest between the front seats. The seats have been redesigned and should be more comfortable. Jepan driver sits a new instrument cluster which is a nice addition now that Ford is not far off with a strange overhang over analog gauges. The center screen is also wider.

2019 Ford Focus Performance

2019 Ford Focus Release Date

• 84-180 Gasoline Horsepower Engine
• 94-188 Horsepower Diesel Engines
• Manual or Automatic Transmission
• 2.0-Liter Diesel Has Steel Piston
• Down 194 Pounds
• More efficient

The new focus will not reach the United States until next year, so it’s not surprising that the US specification is not yet available. However, in Europe, the Focus is offered with your choice of EcoBoost 1.0 liter or EcoBoost 1.5 liter. Both can have different flavors. Models equipped with 1.0-liter EcoBoost can be tuned to provide 84 horsepower, 99 horsepower, or 123 horsepower. Meanwhile, 1.5 liters can be owned with 148 horsepower or 180 horsepower. The six-speed manual transmission is standard, while the eight-speed automatic will be available as an option.

Of course, this is Europe we are talking about here, so there will be some diesel engines available too. There is a good 1.5 liter for 94 horsepower or 118 horsepower. Apart from the tune, this engine produces 221 pound-feet of torque. Then there’s a nice 2.0 liter for 148 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. This machine uses a steel piston, which is the first diesel engine of a blue oval. For now, fuel economy, sprint time, and top speed have not been announced yet, but the new Focus should be faster, and more efficient thanks to the C2 platform which leads to a total weight reduction of 194 lbs. Oh, and that drag coefficient is lower at 0.250 for sedan and 0.275 for hatchbacks, so it should also help improve things over the outgoing generation.

2019 Ford Focus Price

Prices for the new Focus have not been announced for any market, but Ford knows the place so do not expect prices to rise much. The current model runs anywhere between $ 17,950 and $ 24,270 for a sedan or $ 20,540 and $ 24,470 for a non-performance version of the hatchback. The pricing will increase slightly, so expect an entry-level sedan starting at no more than $ 18,200 while the hatchback will start around $ 20,700.

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