2019 BMW M8 Reviews & Price

2019 BMW M8 Reviews & Price

2019 BMW M8 Reviews & Price

The arrival of the M8 will mark the premiere for the nameplate, which did not receive M treatment in the 1990s. Although BMW did make a prototype, it was finally decided that there was no market for the M8 and the project was canceled. Times have clearly changed now, and with Mercedes already offering AMG versions of the S-Class Coupe and with Bentley producing Continental GT Speed ​​for several years now, BMW needs 8 Series and M8 to compete with its competitors. Find out what we already know about this grand tourer in my speculative review below.
Updated 03/15/2018: Our spy photographer catches the BMW M8 Coupe to be screened in the snow.

2019 BMW M8 Exterior

2019 BMW M8 Reviews & Price

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the disguised M8 is that the production model will not look as exotic as the Series 8 concept. It confirms that BMW will give the coupe series a softer stance and that it will remove the large vents behind the front fenders, large intakes under the headlamps, and an aggressive hood.

The front grille also has a less angry design that is more in line with BMW’s current style cues. This is not a bad thing, because the vertical bar is very thin and sharp and the kidneys are wide enough to produce a wide attitude. The headlights are definitely thicker than the concept, but thinner than anything you get right now except for the i8. Below, the bumper appears to be a standard item of BMW M, with large outlets toward the sides and longer ventilation with a mesh grille in the middle. This section will be unique for the M8, while the Series 8 will have less aggressive elements.

To the side, the large spoon behind the front fender is missing, while the roof sits slightly higher. This is not surprising, since concept cars are usually leaner than their production counterparts. However, the good news is that the rear ridge, one of the most stylish features on the Series 8 concept if you ask me, seems very similar. Moving on to the M-specific enhancements, we have a larger side skirt and a set of wintry five-seater rims in dark gray. Behind them we could see the obligatory blue brake calipers.

In the rear, the M8 has little in common with the concept car. For starters, the production taillights are quite ordinary and do not extend to the fenders. Trunklid also appears to have a different shape, but it still carries a sizeable spoiler. Granted, it’s not as big as it looks at the concept, but it should give a slim look to the coupe. Most of the fascia are disguised and the taillights are not visible along the way, but they must reach far enough into the trunklid. The plates are placed underneath, just as on the concept, but the bumper does not have large folds towards the sides. Below, there is a quad exhaust pipe configuration as seen in every other M car.

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As always, we ask our rendering artists to make upcoming M8 digital pictures. This rendering is based on the spy shots released by BMW, but also includes the lightest features seen in the 8 Series Concepts. If you’re wondering why we used the conversion for this article, I think that BMW will also do a drop-top version to compete with Mercedes-AMG S63 Mercedes-Benz variant

2019 BMW M8 Interior

BMW has very little to say about the exterior features and production schedules of the M8, but does not share information about the interior or technology inside. On the other hand, we have a Series 8 concept for pointers on what we might find on the M8.
As you might expect, the interior of the car show is a more interesting version of BMW’s current styling language. It sports a compelling mix of clean surfaces and vertical lines, a sleek center console, an all-digital instrument cluster, and a new steering wheel design.
Although clean and tidy on the passenger side, the dash is highlighted with premium red stitches on the upper side and around the middle stack area. It also has vertical oriented A / C vertical, almost triangular in every corner.
These features will likely find their way in the Series 8 production and to some extent in the M8 as well.

Unlike some Bimmers that have an infotainment system placed on top of the dash, the Series 8 concept has been integrated in the center of the pile, though it is still above all controls. This is a feature that will definitely make it on the production model, as will the new buttons underneath. The area between the A / C control and the gear lever is made of a carbon-fiber rom, which gives the center console a sporty look and makes perfect sense in the future of the M8. Although customers may not get this lightweight composite in the Series 8, this will definitely adorn the M8 center stack.

The group of instruments seems simple enough to modern standards, but what we see in the concept may be just one of the available arrangements. Of course, the M8 will have a more complex look with digital gauges and a host of M-specific features. The steering wheel is one of the features I did not expect, look at the M8 in this form. Although it will maintain a sporty position and a flat base, it will have a simpler design.

The 8 Series concept is also quite luxurious when it comes to materials, using Merino leather in Dark Brown and Fjord White, as well as hand-polished aluminum. M8 should get the same treatment, although the base package will probably only include black seats. As always, look for some “M” emblems on various elements in the cab.

2019 BMW M8 Powertrain

2019 BMW M8 Reviews & Price

This is arguably the most important part of the upcoming M8, especially since we expect a very strong grand tourer. With both Mercedes-Benz and Bentley offering an output of over 600 horsepower at AMG S65 and Continental GT Speed, respectively, BMW is pretty much restricted to dropping a lot of ductility on the M8.

Considering what we can get in other topping-topping M models, it’s safe to assume that the M8 will get its juice from a twin-turbo V-8 or V-12. Actually, there is a great chance that BMW will offer both, as did the Mercedes-Benz with AMG S63 and AMG S65.

The V-8 will likely come in the form of a twin-turbo 4.4-liter unit similar to that offered in the new BMW M5. The output should sit close to the 600-horsepower sign to counter the 577 horses that were shipped by the Mercedes-AMG S63. xDrive AWD may be standard, at least here in the United States. The V-12 engine can be sourced from the M760Li, which uses twin-turbo, 6.6 liter V-12. This unit produces 600 horsepower and 590 pound-feet twist in 7-Series range topping and should be stronger on the M8. Given that the Mercedes-AMG S65 is nice for 621 horses, it would not be surprising to see BMW push the output towards 650-horsepower.

The powerful M8 V-12 is also likely to come with AWD, which will give it an advantage over the RWD-only Merc. This will be most visible in the acceleration department, with the M8 likely to reach 60 mph in less than 3.7 seconds. Like most Bimmers here in the US, M8 should only be with automatic transmissions.

2019 BMW M8 Price

It’s too early to talk about the price here, but it’s pretty clear that the M8 will not be cheap. I’ll bet that the grand tourer will take more than the M760i xDrive, which sells from $ 156,700. Expect a price tag of almost $ 170,000 for the V-8 model and a minimum $ 200,000 sticker for the V-12 variant.