2019 Audi A8 Release Date Reviews

2019 Audi A8 plans a path for advanced self-driving cars, while stylingnya still muted.

Audi A8 2019 could be the first car on the US road to provide level 3 driver power, but US lawmakers will have a final decision. The new A8 made its debut on July 11 in Barcelona, ​​well before the date of sale in 2018.

Audi has let technology hold talks for the new A8. The new car’s exterior shape has grown only slightly from previous generation cars. The most striking changes occur in the wider trapezoidal grille surrounded by larger air intakes and slimmer LED headlights, a profile with two shoulder lines almost across the back of the rear door, and a sleek backlit set of taillights width of the car. . All telegraph statements are simple executive sedan missions.

Audi will sell standard and long-distance versions, but in the United States, we will only get cars with long distances.

A8’s interior tips from the driver on radical changes are done with the new A8. Like the Porsche Panamera, the new A8 pares down the cockpit and eliminate dozens of buttons and switches, and replace them with touch sensitive surfaces and digital displays. Along the wide horizontal bands, the Audi layer on a high resolution screen in the cluster gauge, and in a dual screen setting in the center of the dashboard. The top screen displays the output of navigation and infotainment services; the lower screen serves as an interface for functions such as climate control. The first touch sensitive chip system has been discarded, because the A8 runs well and touches and swipes.

2019 Audi A8 Release Date Reviews

2019 Audi A8 Release Date Reviews

Plug-in replaces W-12

The previous A8 version was built around an aluminum frame and coated aluminum body panels. The 2019 A8 combines more material for the lightweight body that puts the pound back with new electrification hardware.

Audi designed the new A8 body on its MLB architecture, which means front-drive orientation, although all American A8s will be sold with all-wheel drive. The core structure remains aluminum, but steel, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, and magnesium now have a role in reducing weight and increasing body stiffness, as happened in Cadillac CT6.

The weight-saving touch allows Audi to adjust all A8s with at least a hybrid lightweight battery and motor, so that all models will be powered. In the A8 sedan without plug-in capability, the motor generator helps the internal combustion engine by contributing power during heavy acceleration or launch, and makes wider stop / start operations possible. It also allows the A8 to turn off its engine and separate the drivetrain with highway speeds, under light operating load. It regains power during braking.

This system will be applied first in the U.S. market A8 to a 3.0 liter turbo-6 with a net about 340 horsepower. Later, it will also be used in conjunction with a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V-8 with a net of about 460 hp. In some models of the year, the A8 will add a plug-in hybrid model that pair the V-6 with different electric motors and more batteries, for a total of 449 hp. The A8 L e-tron will also be equipped with a wireless charging system, and will offer mileage up to 30 miles from the electric driving range alone.

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2019 Audi A8 Release Date Reviews

2019 Audi A8 Release Date Reviews

All-wheel drive and springs

The new A8 48-volt electric system can provide the required jolt for what Audi describes as a fully active suspension. The car uses cameras in every corner to scan and illustrate the way in front of the car’s computing brain, 18 times per second. Springs and some adaptive dampers with actuators that can raise and lower each wheel separately, because the road surface determines.

The suspension has programmable modes that allow the car to lean more or less, depending on the comfort level chosen.

The system also communicates with safety hardware to reduce accidents and injuries. If the car feels the impending side effect is more than 15 mph, the suspension goes up so that the collision takes place in the more rigidly structural part of the car – the frame and the floor.

Audi will also fit a few A8 sedans with rear-wheel steering, with actuators capable of 5 degrees of movement, twice the number of systems. At low speeds that cut back the circle dramatically; the reduced steering effect then vanishes as the speed rises. A8 electric steering power has a variable ratio, and its all-wheel-drive system can be equipped with a rear differential to divide the torque between the rear wheels.

2019 Audi A8 Release Date Reviews

2019 Audi A8 Release Date Reviews

Level 3, and so on?

The array of technologies in the new A8 includes more sophisticated sensors that will allow the car to operate at level 3 autonomy where it is legal, Audi said.

Level 2 autonomy, offered today by many automakers, allows steering, braking, and accelerated driving with limited assistance. The driver must take control at frequent intervals and be held responsible for the behavior of the car. At Level 3, the car is considered to be under control in certain situations-if road quality and driving conditions permit-with the driver responsible for taking control when the environment changes. (At Level 4, the driver will only control the extreme situation: at Level 5, the car will be in control at all times.)

On the A8, laser sensor networks, radar sensors and Level 3 cameras can control the car at speeds up to 37 mph and can stay in control until the car feels a change like a higher speed limit, the quality of the road being degraded. , or extreme weather. At that time, at least 10 seconds of warning will be given so that the driver can retake control. This system can also handle parking maneuvers. Level 3 is currently not legal on the U.S. road, but various federal and state laws have been filed. Audi will confirm the availability of an optional system in accordance with applicable law.

Drivers will involve the system through the console button, one of the few remaining on the A8 center console. Almost all secondary controls have been moved to touch controls, with widescreen displays and haptic feedback replacing the function of setting the radio to hot seat selection. New screens are also sensitive to pressure; Deeper commands, such as cycling through different levels of seat heat, are as easy as pressing more firmly on icons.

Touch input has improved from previous puck-based systems. The entire screen down has been a touch pad that receives handwritten input, in lowercase or cursive, even letters written to each other in a row. The A8 also receives a much wider voice command, from a more powerful on-board database and from the introduction of cloud-based speech accessed via on-board data connections and concierge services.

There is another piece of leather, fine wood and fine wood, and upscale audio, but Audi still has to finish the price and packaging of the American market.

The EPA ranks fuel economy and final pricing will be announced early next year, before Audi A8 2019 goes on sale, in late spring.