2018 Audi S5 Sportback Review

2018 Audi S5 Sportback Review

After a decade, the Audi S5 finally received a full redesign and the wait was invaluable. The new model is based on the best features of its predecessor, including sleek style, interior driving dynamics and subtle spirit, and takes them to a more recent level.
In almost every metric, this latest coupe is a prime example of how to do it right. This is an explosion to drive, but it does not sacrifice luxury and comfort in the process. We are also impressed with the latest S5 technology features. Compared to its rival sport coupe like the BMW 4 Series and the Mercedes C-Class, the 2018 Audi S5 Srises to the top.

2018 Audi S5 Sportback Review

2018 Audi S5 Sportback Review

We recommend !

Trim Premium Plus gets our recommendation because you can choose and choose more selectively than you can get on a fully loaded Prestige. We recommend adding the S Sport package to get adaptive suspensions as well as Navigation packages for larger widescreen and virtual instrument panels.

2018 Audi S5 Features

2018 Audi S5 Srises is a luxury four-seater sport coupe which is a high performance variant of the A5 coupe. It is available at Premium or Prestige Premium trim levels. Both are powered by a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 (354 horsepower, 369 pound-feet of torque). All-wheel drive standard, such as eight-speed automatic transmission.
Standard features for Premium Plus trims include 18 inch wheels with summer performance tires, automatic LED lights, automatic wipers, heated power folding mirrors, panoramic sunroof sensors, front and rear sensors, entrance and ignition without lock, automatic tri-zone Control Climate, leather seats, front seats with power (with heating and massage functions), driver memory settings, 40/20/40-split rear seat backs, auto-dimming mirrors and ambient interior lighting.

2018 Audi S5 Sportback Review

On the technology front, you also get Bluetooth, 7-inch infotainment screen, rearview camera, Wi-Fi hotspot, remote control via smartphone app, Apple CarPlay integration and Android Auto, and a 10-speaker audio system with CD player, satellite radio and HD, two USB port and dual SD card slot. Additional safety features include advanced low-speed warning and collision mitigation, blind spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert, and emergency telematics Audi Connect Care.

Prestige trim covers all of the above, along with a virtual instrument panel display, streaming internet radio applications, remote vehicle monitoring through smartphone apps, larger 8.3 inch infotainment screens, navigation systems, tracepad features for infotainment input, a Camera system Top-down parking and a 19-speaker Q & Olufsen sound system surround sound. All of these items are available as an option on Premium Plus trim.

Other options include the S Sport package (red brake calipers, adaptive suspension dampers and sports rear difference); Warm Weather Packages (ventilated front seats and premium premium leather seats); Adaptive steering system; And the steering wheel is hot. Trim Prestige is eligible for the Driver Assistant package that adds adaptive traffic cruise controls, traffic alert readers, alerts and line departure interventions, and high automated beams.

2018 Audi S5 Interior

The S5 cabin is a beautiful expression of modern and unpretentious luxury. The quality of the material is high, and the intelligent control layout makes operation easy and hassle free.

2018 Audi S5 Sportback Review

Ease of use

There are only buttons for important controls. You operate everything through the MMI infotainment system. Simple design and logical placement and button grouping mean you rarely have to look down to use it. This is an example of how it is done correctly.

In and out

The long door makes front seat access easy, and the seat belt presenter eliminates the need to regain it. Access to the rear seat is typical for the class, which means it requires a dishonest squat and shimmy side to get through the roof and the front seat.

Driving position

The driver’s seat has many power adjustments and range of motions. There is extended thigh support as well. Drivers of all sizes and shapes must be able to find their optimal position.


As you would expect from a performance coupe, the S5 cockpit has a sporty feel, but it never feels tight or limited. The backseat space is narrow for adults, but smaller passengers should be behind there.


The roof pillar is rather thick, which is typical for today’s cars. But they do not in any way hinder your outer view, and the optional top-down camera system eliminates conjecture in the narrow parking lot. The mirror offers great coverage too.


Even among other luxury sports coupe, the Audi S5 stands out. All materials are of high quality, and the buttons have identical and exact clicks. At the same time, the interior components have lasting durability.

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2018 Audi S5  comfort

Performance usually comes at the expense of convenience, but S5 does not make such a concession. Adaptive suspension has a clear distinction between modes that fit your mood.

2018 Audi S5 Sportback Review

Comfort seats

The standard sport seats are very comfortable at long distances and provide good lateral support when cornering. The bolsters are thick but adapted to power if you want more space for your body. The standard massage function is cherry on it.

Riding comfort

For cars with potential performance like this, the driving quality of S5 is very smooth. Even in Dynamic mode, there is enough compliance to avoid feeling rough. However, it should be noted that we have not tested S5 with standard suspension (not adjustable).

Noise & vibration

Summer tires emit a certain amount of road noise on rough asphalt, but are quiet on most other surfaces. The engine noise sounds louder than in most vehicles, but in this car feels right and sounds very aggressive. The sound of the wind is almost nonexistent.

Climate control

The tri-zone’s automatic climate control cools in the interior quickly after being parked in the hot sun. Placement of ventilation is good, even provide coverage. As soon as the temperature is set, there is little need to adjust later.

2018 Audi S5 Technology

Audi S5 has many high-tech features and makes it easy to use. The virtual instrument panel is excellent with configurable sections and clear graphics in any light. The evolution of the MMI infotainment system keeps it among our favorites.

2018 Audi S5 Sportback Review

Audio & navigation

The optional Bang & Olufsen sound system delivers powerful audio very well. The navigation is packed with features and easy to operate, especially with tracepads and voice commands. The MMI system continues to score high.

Smartphone integration

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard equipment for all S5 models. For audio controls, Apple CarPlay takes precedence over the Audi MMI, but it’s hard to control with a call button rather than a touchscreen.

Driver’s tool

The future collision warning system is well tuned without being too sensitive in traffic. Blind-point monitoring is subtle enough not to be a nuisance. Traction stability and control are also smartly tuned to give you enough free time to have fun but not enough to keep you in trouble.

Voice control

Very good voice recognition either through MMI or Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay is a bit easier to use with plain speech but it does require an internet connection.

2018 Audi S5  drive

2018 Audi S5 Srises is at the top of the class in terms of driver engagement and performance. It is an explosion to drive on winding roads but to behave in everyday situations.


There is little doubt when you press the gas from the stop. But after that the acceleration is very smooth. Upshift is almost invisible. It’s deceptive how fast this car is driving at high speed, which requires the driver to show a high degree of restraints.


The right pedal company for the performance of a vehicle like this. After whipping it over and over on challenging mountains, we have never experienced the fading or softening of the pedals. Under normal conditions, the brakes are easy to modulate and bring the car to a smooth stop.


The steering effort feels right in every driving mode (lighter in Comfort, heavier in Dynamic), but there is little feedback to notify the driver when the handle is at its maximum. The optional adaptive steering feels awkward as it accelerates and turns from stopping.


S5 has an impressive capability. Easily navigate through a sharp turn at a speed that will overwhelm the lower vehicle. The all-wheel-drive system deftly supplies power to the special wheels to help balance car handling around the turns.


The initial hesitation was a bit of a disappointment, but there was no place to be a deal breaker. The same is true for automatic stop-start engine functions, but this is typical for most competitors. Otherwise, S5 is a joy to drive under any circumstances.

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