2018 Lincoln MKC Release Date Review

The 2018 Lincoln MKC is a luxurious compact crossover which is a relative value compared to the others. This is an SUV with all the amenities.

MKC is available in Premiere, Select, Reserve, and Black Label trims. The basic model does not fit at all: adjustable adjustable adjustable adjustable front seat, 8.0 inch touch screen for infotainment with Apple CarPlay compatibility and Android Auto, keyless ignition, dual zone automatic climate control, remote start, blind spot monitor, and leather upholstery are all standard.

The base engine is a 2.0-liter turbo-4 that produces 240 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. It’s rated up to 23 mpg combined and shared with Ford Escape, which is largely based on MKC. The optional 2.3-liter Turbo-4, which does not make an appearance in the Escape, is huge and fun – if that’s what you’re looking for. It is estimated at 285 hp and 305 lb-ft, it is capable of running 0 to 60 mph in less than seven seconds and is only mated to an all-wheel drive only.

For front seat passengers, MKC is exceptional in execution. The quality of the material and layout is higher than expected from Ford’s luxury fleet. The rear seat passengers may trade horses for space with the front-seat riders – MKC is not very wide behind.

2018 Lincoln MKC Release Date

For first-time luxury buyers, small families, or empty nesters, MKC can be ideal – the rear seats doubled to open 53.1 cubic feet of space in the cargo area.

Premiere trims start at almost $ 34,000, while the Black Label model can reach the mid $ 50,000 without much sweating.

2018 Lincoln MKC Styling

Lincoln MKC makes the luxury promised by car makers-especially inside.

Over the past few years, Lincoln has been handing off a ship that can not find the direction and adopt a cohesive look for the SUV and its sedan.

While MKC is based on Ford Escape, it does not have much of the same look-that’s good.

MKC gets the “split wings” grille which is the standard fare on all car maker SUVs. In its profile is where MKC shows some similarities with Escape. At the rear, everything is forgotten with the rear end of Lincoln (or voluptuous?). MKC is a pleasant mixture of sharp folds and softer lines, but others in this segment have a better formula. Compared to the new sedan, the Lincoln SUV looks a bit dowdy by our eyes-not bad, but not sharp.

MKC makes all that land, or more, inside.

The Lincoln designer has the biggest hits album: The original open pore wood, brushed metal, organic lines, and the “curated” color palette on the Black Label trim-all the chart-toppers are here.

From the front seat to the front of a simple elegant, though quite straightforward. Trim and higher reserves get Bridge of Weir leather (this is another way of saying Scottish) and a dual-pane sunroof that opens the cabin to plenty of natural light.

The central pile descends among the front passengers in a way that belies its packaging – MKC feels bigger than it is.

MKC uses color and packaging to overcome the mistakes made by Ford, and most work.

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2018 Lincoln MKC Release Date

2018 Lincoln MKC Release Date

2018 Lincoln MKC Performance

The Lincoln MKC has a quiet confidence in its handling and handling that fits your luxury SUV intentions. That is not what we have gaga; their power trains are involuntarily entertained in ways we are not sure engineers had in mind.

From a base of 5, the Lincoln MKC gets one point for its compound ride and handling, and another point for turbocharged top-deck engines that kept us smiling.

The base engine is a 2.0-liter turbo-4 that generates 240 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. Coupled exclusively to a 6-speed automatic transmission, it is available in the front-wheel or all-wheel configuration and adequately feeds the MKC. It is possible to catch the turbochargers naps, but the speed of exit of the corner is not the mission of the MKC. The base engine stays out of the picture, a silent accomplice when silenced by Lincoln’s standard active noise cancellation, even quieter with last year’s addition of standard stop / start systems to save fuel at traffic lights.

The optional selection is a 2.3-liter turbo-4 that generates 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft, and we’re not going to decipher words: it’s dominated. Only available with all-wheel drive, the optional engine that is available at the Select and Top adjustment levels is coupled to a similar 6-speed automatic that helps to change the MKC to 60 mph in less than seven seconds. Ideally, the optional engine is for mountain tracks, road trips or semi-frequent grimaces.

Regardless of the engine, the Lincoln MKC tames its way through a continuously controlled damper arrangement that can mark different levels of rigidity. The problem? Layout of this behavior requires a series of semi-complicated button presses on the scroll button, or the flywheel, or both. Setting the MKC in “Sport” mode requires an “S” push, you can activate a semi manual mode by pushing it again, not necessarily intuitive. The personalization of suspension behavior is dictated through a set of semi-buried menus that can be found in the driver information cluster.

Live your best life when the roads are relaxed along with the pace. The adjustable MKC suspension eliminates most bad road behavior, better than the base configuration behind our backs.

2018 Lincoln MKC Release Date

The handling and handling of the MKC are comparable to others in its segment, including Audi and BMW rivals. Our hands tell us that the sport’s configuration may be on the firmer side, but the MKC does not seem willing to give up grip, to lean too hard or to cling to any road.

2018 Lincoln MKC Comfort and quality

The 2018 Lincoln MKC offers a luxury car experience from start to finish.

The materials can range from pleasant to decadent, with wood accents throughout the cabin, and active noise cancellation to keep the outside, outside.

The Lincoln button transmission returns this year with mixed feelings. It’s an interesting idea, but it falls into execution because the buttons never feel completely intuitive. The rest of the controls are better and easier to use, not something we can say about Lincoln just a few years ago.

The front seats are flexible and spacious, and reach a price higher than the entry price of the MKC of almost $ 34,000.

The base seats are made of synthetic leather and fabric, while the Black Label trim is complete with Venetian leather upholstery and Alcantara upholstery. Every step along the way is interesting, including the leather upholstery Bridge of Weir at the finish level of the Reserve. Drivers with lead feet may notice the lack of lateral reinforcements in extremely lively units, but we say they slow down anyway, it’s a Lincoln.

Rear seat passengers can fight for the living room and legroom, we’ve found it. The 36.8 inches of legroom is hampered by the large front seats, and while the external positions at the rear are decently sculpted, there is not much cushioning everywhere.

2018 Lincoln MKC Release Date

The available double-pane sunroof is fed into the available main room, which would lead us to say that if you usually transport four adults, it is important to skip the available sun.

All MKC versions feature split folding rear seats that open the cargo area from 25.2 cubic feet with seats up to 53.1 cubes with folded seats.

The ride is especially quiet on the MKC with active noise cancellation in the Reserve and Black Label settings.

2018 Lincoln MKC Features

If you prioritize the badge placed on the nose of your crossing, Lincoln may seem like a runner as well. If you prioritize the value offered within your crossover, all others may seem like a late occurrence.

Even the basic 2018 Lincoln MKC models get heated seats, two-zone automatic climate control, keyless ignition, remote start, 18-inch wheels, rear electric door, rear view camera, nine-speaker stereo and 8.0-inch touchscreen with Sync 3, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

2018 Lincoln MKC Release Date

Advancing to the Select finishing level adds leather upholstery and better seating. Its value is debatable, but there are more options available in this trim or higher.

Reserve equipment levels begin to resemble high-priced luxury competitors and feature a double-paneled sunroof, front seats with navigation, heating and cooling, softer leather skins, interior wood accents and blind spot monitors .

All in all, Lincoln’s Black Label treatment buys 19-inch wheels, an improved leather interior, Alcantara roof, a “cured” color menu, expanded scheduled maintenance, concierge services and continuously controlled cushions.

Several of the features in the higher finishing levels are available as lower independent options on the totem pole. Continuously controlled dampers are available in selected or higher settings, same for navigation and two-pane sunroof. The blind monitors are curiously packaged with navigation, of which we are not crazy.

The improved 2.3-liter turbo-4 is available in Select adjustment levels and more. All-wheel drive is standard on that engine and an additional cost option on the rest of the lineup.